by Timothy Salzman


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A Composer’s Insight : Volume 4

Thoughts, Analysis And Commentary On Contemporary Masterpieces For Wind Band

This is the fourth in a five-volume series on major contemporary composers and their works for wind band. Included in this volume are rare, ‘behind-the-notes’ perspectives acquired from personal interviews with each composer. An excellent resource for conductor, composer or enthusiast interested in acquiring a richer musical understanding of the composers’ training, compositional approach, musical influences and interpretative ideas.

“I am delighted to be included in this very important and useful publication dealing with music for band and wind ensemble. It is a great pleasure to endorse this fine series.”
Samuel Adler

“…an eclectic group of music for band from world-renowned creators is presented with the efficiency and effectiveness we have come to expect from these excellent books.”
Michael Haithcock
Director of Bands/Professor of Music
University of Michigan

“This series of books is the only one I know that actually puts the thoughts and wishes of the composer front-and-center with regard to individual pieces. Just seeing John Corigliano’s original one-page sketch for his massive CIRCUS MAXIMUS (in Vol. III) would be worth the price….”
Dan Welcher
Composer/Lee Hage Jamail Regents Professor of Fine Arts
Sarah and Ernest Butler School of Music
University of Texas/Austin

“Tim Salzman’s wonderful series provides crucial insights into the composer’s thought process and intent, deepening our understanding of a given piece and broadening and enriching our sense of how music works.”
Dana Wilson
Composer/Charles A. Dana Professor of Music
Ithaca College School of Music

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