by Timothy Salzman


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A Composer’s Insight : Volume 3

Thoughts, Analysis And Commentary On Contemporary Masterpieces For Wind Band

The third in a five-volume series on major contemporary composers and their works for wind band. Included in this volume are rare, ‘behind-the-notes’ perspectives acquired from personal interviews with each composer. An excellent resource for conductor, composer or enthusiast interested in acquiring a richer musical understanding of the composers’ training, compositional approach, musical influences and interpretative ideas.

“A rich and compelling contribution to all who care about living, breathing music. Tim Salzman and his colleagues beautifully illuminate the backgrounds, beliefs, and musical intentions of many of today’s most important composers. Rarely has there been such a lucid and eloquent representation of so many talented composers’ thoughts about themselves, their lives, and their music.”

Frank Ticheli
Composer/Professor of Music,
University of Southern California
Thornton School of Music

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