by David Kish


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Guides to Band Masterworks, Volume 5

by David Kish. ISBN 978-1-57463-394-8; $24.99.

This continuation of earlier volumes provides band directors with a ready-made curriculum developed to incorporate National Core Music Standards through quality band literature. This volume features Courtly Airs and Dances by Ron Nelson, Albanian Dance by Shelley Hanson and Shortcut Home by Dana Wilson. Every unit study integrates technical skills, musical knowledge and creative projects that lead student musicians to an enlightened and expressive performance.


  • Ear Training
  • Rhythm Studies
  • Essential Skills information for teaching the compositional elements of music
  • Rehearsal Strategies for addressing common ensemble issues
  • Creative Projects
  • Active Listening Activities
  • Sample Teaching Schedule
  • Unit Quiz (and Answer Sheet)
  • Student Practice Plan
  • Optional Band Projects

Student workbooks for each of the featured works may be downloaded

“This insightful reference provides detailed, meticulous analysis that will save conductors much time and effort in score preparation.”
Shelley Hanson, Composer

“ . . . It brilliantly brings the music to the students, and the students to the music, from every imaginable angle . . .”
Steven Bryant, Composer

“…an excellent new publication. Highly recommended!!!”
Frank L. Battisti, Conductor Emeritus, New England Conservatory Wind Ensemble

“… It is insightful, helpful and filled with expert analytical detail and lesson plans.”
John R. Locke, Editor, The Journal of Band Research

“… this publication provides the ideal model for superior instrumental music programs.”
Edward S. Lisk, Clinician, Conductor, Author

Click here for a digital version of Student Workbooks for this publication.

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