MM_Whaley_Intermediate Duets Snare Drum

by Garwood Whaley


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Intermediate Duets for Snare Drum

by Garwood Whaley. ISBN 978-1-57463-437-2; $14.95.

The duets contained in this publication will aid in developing the rhythmic discipline necessary for band, orchestral and ensemble playing. The 15 duets include the use of frequent dynamic changes, all standard meters, embellishments and rolls of varying duration.


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“Here are the ‘recipes’ for all percussion training. Use them well, knowing that they are conceived with great wisdom”

Vic Firth

“Today’s standard for percussion education method books have all been written by Gar Whaley. Gar’s books are a must have for every drummer’s or percussionist’s library.”

Michael Balter 

“Gar Whaley’s percussion books have been instrumental in training generations of percussion students as competent musicians. What a gift to the percussion world!”

Anthony Cirone

“Having known Garwood Whaley for well over 40 years, I can attest to his expertise in all aspects of percussion. His legacy of work will surely endure for years to come.”

William Platt

“Garwood Whaley’s percussion method books are truly outstanding! His percussion method books have inspired a generation of percussionists.”

Mark Ford

“Throughout my teaching career, I find myself coming back to Gar’s books time and time again because they work. His approach to pedagogy is original and well designed.”

James Campbell

“All of us in the percussion community have benefitted from the superb work of Dr. Gar Whaley. He has authored, edited and published some of the finest percussion texts available.”

Neil Grover

“I’ve used Gar’s books as long as I’ve been teaching. They are concise, comprehensive, creative and challenging. I know that they’ve made a positive impact in percussion education and will continue to do so.”

Steve Houghton

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