Lip Slurs for Tuba by Deanna Swoboda

by Deanna Swoboda


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Lip Slurs for Tuba

by Deanna Swoboda. ISBN 978-1-57463-130-2; $14.95. Until now, there has not been a bass clef tuba book entirely dedicated to the lip slur. Lip slurs are specific exercises designed to develop flexibility and are essential in building strength and developing technique.  This collection of lip slurs, offering exercises for multiple stages of ability and development, serves both young tuba students and more advanced players. It will surely improve the playing of all tuba players!


“This collection of tuba-specific exercises is a valuable addition to any tubist’s library.”

Carol Jantsch, Principal Tuba, Philadelphia Orchestra


“Deanna’s new book for tubas is a valuable addition to the pedagogy.” 

Jim Self, Los Angeles Studio Tuba Player


“Provides a pedagogically sound guide and exercises that can be used at ALL levels.”

Dr. Jerry A. Young, Past-President, The International Tuba – Euphonium Association


“I highly recommend Lip Slurs to all students and professionals. Thank you Deanna!”

Timothy Northcut, Principal Tuba, Dayton Philharmonic


“What a great resource to have a compendium of lip slurs available at my fingertips.”

Dennis Nulty, Principal Tuba, Detroit Symphony Orchestra

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