by Jack Van Geem


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Marimba Master Class on Works by Schwantner, Schuller and Bach

This latest Master Class presents a comprehensive, interpretive analysis and performance guide of three major works for solo marimba by San Francisco Symphony Principal Percussionist Jack Van Geem. His well-thought-out approach to learning Velocities by Joseph Schwantner helps solve many of the difficult 4-mallet technical issues of this most notable composition for solo marimba. The extensive theoretical analysis of Three Small Adventures by Gunther Schuller aids in a greater musical approach to this and other contemporary works for marimba. Jack provides his personal edition including dynamics, phrasing, and articulations to J. S. Bach’s Fugue from Sonata No. 1 in G Minor.

This in-depth, one-of-a-kind publication includes:

  • Sticking Options: From “low-tech” single mallet or hand-to-hand alternation to “high-tech” convoluted permutations of 4-mallet options
  • Beating Spots: For the best sound and to avoid sticking issues
  • Hand & Arm Postures: Developing a more efficient and accurate approach to the marimba
  • Memorization: Constructing an accurate and effective physical memory
  • Practicing: Structuring thoughtful practice time
  • Learning the art of Triaging: To determine priorities
  • Complete edited version of the Bach Fugue from Sonata No. 1 in G Minor

A Complete Performance Analysis of Celebrated Works by a Master Teacher and Performer

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