Rehearsing the Band, Volume 2

by Donald K. Miller


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Rehearsing the Band, Volume 2

by Donald K. Miller. ISBN 978-1-57463-397-9, $19.95.

Reading this book soon leads one to discover that band conductors are indeed fortunate to have a number of talented and accomplished leaders, who were not only willing, but enthusiastic about sharing their ideas and philosophies with younger colleagues. The result of all of this is to provide a huge “room” where everyone can gather to ask questions on all aspects of rehearsing and listen to the answers from the experts.

“One of the primary things we strive for in the Marine Band is rhythmic integrity.”

Michael Colburn, Director, U.S. Marine Band “The President’s Own” (retired)

“Tuning is a matter of constant adjustments!”                                                

Michael Haithcock, Director of Bands, University of Michigan

“Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I understand.”

Gary W. Hill, Director of Bands, Arizona State University

“Our ensemble sound is sort of the warmer, richer, darker, reedier sound, but I try to adjust that base sound to make the composer sound like the composer.”

Sarah McKoin, Director of Bands, Texas Tech University

“Each teacher needs to find their own method of professional development.”

Daniel Peterson, Director of Bands, Truman State University (retired)

“If I’m really doing a good job, there’s information going from me to them, from them to me, and especially between the players, amongst themselves.”

Stephen Peterson, Director of Bands, University of Illinois 

“As Vincent Persichetti told me, ‘Loud is good, soft is good…’”

Mark Davis Scatterday, Professor of Conducting, Eastman School of Music

“I try to do something different at the beginning of each rehearsal…”

Kevin L. Sedatole, Director of Bands, Michigan State University

“It’s amazing how a group generally sings better in tune than they can play.”

William K. Wakefield, Director of Bands, University of Oklahoma

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