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by Sandy Goldie


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String Instruments: Purchasing, Maintenance, Troubleshooting and More

By Sandy Goldie.
ISBN 978-1-57463-056-5; $14.95

Why do pegs continuously slip or stick making it difficult to tune? Or endpins become stuck or keep sliding down? What about fine tuners that malfunction; strings that break, become false or fray; bows that warp or need rehairing; chin rests that won’t stay on; bridges or sound posts that lean or fall; strings that are either so high they injure fingers or so low they buzz? These and countless other questions are answered in this comprehensive yet concise handbook.

Topics include:

  • Purchasing – renting vs. buying—selection of student, step-up and professional instruments and bows
  • Instrument Accessories – shoulder pads, rockstops, rosin, stools, cloths, mutes, cases
  • Maintenance – temperature, humidity, cleaning/polishing, daily care, periodic/annual maintenance with to-do lists for instruments and bows
  • Troubleshooting – slipping/sticking pegs, stuck/stripped endpins, buzzing or rattling, scratches or cracks, sliding cellos and basses, common problems
  • Rehearsal Space – necessary equipment, options you do and don’t need, space and layout considerations
  • Repair – string replacement, fine tuner repair, bow rehair, peg repair, bridge adjustment, chin rest tightening, emergency fixes
  • Sizing – what to measure for each instrument
  • Storage – preventing costly repairs and damage, managing temperature and moisture, selection criteria, placement considerations, effective storage and classroom procedures
  • Set-Up – bridge, fingerboard, nut, and sound post adjustment
  • Tuning – common issues with pegs, fine tuners, replacing bass strings
  • Toolkit – what to include

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