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by Tim Genis


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Symphonic Repertoire for Percussion Accessories

Principal Timpanist of the Boston Symphony, Head of the Percussion Department at Boston University, Boston University Tanglewood Institute, and Section Leader for the Tanglewood Music Center, Tim Genis has provided a comprehensive performance analysis of percussion accessory parts for the major symphonic repertoire. His easy-to-understand explanations are based on countless performances under many of the world’s finest conductors

“Tim Genis’ latest book for percussion accessories is the most comprehensive and extensive in print. His knowledge and experience make this book a must-have for orchestral percussionists.”
Will Hudgins
Boston Symphony

“Tim Genis gets to the heart of the music in his new book Symphonic Repertoire for Percussion Accessory Instruments …a refreshing approach to music interpretation for accessory percussion instruments that belongs in every serious percussionist’s library.”
James Campbell
Professor of Percussion
University of Kentucky

“…a wonderfully detailed look at the many significant excerpts for accessory instruments from one of the world’s most exceptional orchestral percussionists. This book will become a staple in my studio at Eastman for years to come.”
Michael Burritt
Professor of Percussion
Eastman School of Music

“Professional advice and guidance given by a first class professional.”
Vic Firth
Vic Firth, Inc.

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