by Arthur Weisberg


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The Art Of Wind Playing

An essential book for all performers, teachers and conductors of wind instruments. It clears away the cobwebs of superstitions and the fixed ideas of what can and can’t be done. It is a book to return to again and again written by one of the great wind virtuosos of our time. Among the important concepts and techniques included are:

  • Resonance—how to produce a “naturally musical” sound by matching natural resonance (the vibration of string and body after the bow is lifted from the string)
  • Attacks and Releases—the various kinds of each and their combination’s
  • Double Tonguing—it is possible and practical
  • Vibrato—how to learn it, and control it
  • Technique—how to practice difficult passages
  • Breathing—how to take in more air, easily, and avoid problems before they start
  • Musical Style—the characteristics of the principal periods of music history
  • Interpretation—matching your playing to the musical style


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