by William James


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The Modern Concert Snare Drum Roll by William James.

ISBN 978-1-57463-396-2

This book examines every aspect of the snare drum roll and provides resources and valuable knowledge for beginners, experienced musicians, and professionals regardless of their skill level. Through written explanations, diagrams, photographs, exercises and more, the snare drum roll will no longer be a mystery but a technique anyone can understand and master.

“This book provides all of the photos, exercises and specific technical descriptions one could possibly need to develop a great snare drum roll (no small feat)!
Chris Deviney, Principal Percussionist, Philadelphia Orchestra

“. . . a great addition to my personal collection and teaching library.”
James Ross—Percussionist, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

“I highly recommend this book for any percussionist looking to improve their roll!”
Christopher McLaurin—Principal Percussionist, Kansas City Symphony

“. . . an absolute necessity for any percussionist, at any level!”
Keith Aleo—Percussion Instructor, Boston Conservatory

“. . . It will help the performer execute a great sounding snare drum roll with ease and finesse.”
Shannon Wood—Principal Timpanist, Saint Louis Symphony

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