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The Tuneful Timpanist

In the preface to this book, educator and performer Ronald Horner notes that a fundamental approach to teaching students to play band or orchestra instruments is to present them with common melodies that incorporate the techniques to be mastered. He also notes the lack of materials available to apply this pedagogical concept to timpani, and redresses the balance with this collection of recognizable melodies expertly arranged for timpanists to develop pedaling facility on one, two, three and four drums. Topics covered – with ample musical examples for each – include: stepwise motion (one drum and multiple drums), chromatic intervals, triads, moving tones, scales and intervals, and more.

“These melodies…will be such a fun and crucial tool for young and old alike. I congratulate Ron Horner on his logical addition to pedal timpani pedagogy!”
Don S. Liuzzi,
Principal Timpanist,
Philadelphia Orchestra

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