by Timothy and Phyllis Paul


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Winds And Hymns:

Resource Guide To Hymns, Chorales, And Spirituals In Selected Wind Band Literature

This valuable edition provides comprehensive information on selected wind band works that were inspired by and incorporate hymns, chorales and spirituals. It includes music from all performance levels, historical periods and diverse styles. In additional to a general analysis of each piece–examining the composer’s treatment of original source material–the authors present an overview of the hymns, chorales and spirituals that focuses on historical background, notated music and lyrics. An excellent resource for conductors, students and enthusiasts.

“…Timothy and Phyllis Paul’s research into the works included in this book must now be an important influence on the score study, rehearsal, and performance of each composer’s creation.”
Allan McMurray
Professor of Conducting
Director of Bands
University of Colorado

“Each work here is presented with simplicity and scholarship, the range of repertoire is extensive and the potential for in-depth study for our players is enormous.”
Timothy Reynish
Royal Northern College of Music

“Timothy and Phyllis Paul have provided us with a very useful and practical reference that will be of value to the neophyte and experienced practitioner as well.”
James Croft
Retired Emeritus Professor
Florida State University

“I’ve learned much about my own work by reading this and am delighted to see this work in print.”
Dan Welcher
Butler School of Music
University of Texas/Austin

“Bravo Tim and Phyllis Paul for helping us make important new discoveries with this great wealth of enduring music.”
Mark Camphouse
George Mason University

“Before reading this book, I’m not sure I fully apprehended just how rich a tradition of hymnody we are blessed with. Many thanks … for giving us a resource for both information and inspiration!”
Robert Ponto
University of Oregon

“…an eloquent, concise, and original book surveying band repertoire based on or incorporating hymns, chorales, and spirituals… an invaluable resource for any conductor.”
Margaret Pendleton
Co-owner, Beethoven & Company
Tallahassee, Florida

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