by Frank Battisti


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Winds of Change II–The New Millennium: A Chronicle of the Continuing Evolution of the Contemporary American Wind Band/Ensemble by Frank Battisti.

ISBN 978-1-57463-178-4; $34.95.

Winds of Change II – The New Millennium is an extension of The Winds of Change that traced the development of the American wind band/ensemble in the twentieth century. Unlike The Winds of Change, which is a history, Winds of Change II is a chronicle—a narrative record of American wind band/ensemble activity and development during a very concise period of time, namely the first 10 years of the 21st century.  Battisti, using the events of the last sixty years as a framework, identifies the important literature, conferences and trends from this period and makes recommendations for the future.

“ Because of the central role he played in the evolution of the wind band/ensemble since the mid-20th century, Batttisti is able to see both past and recent developments in a context that is both unique and insightful.”

William Berz, Rutgers University

“Frank Battisi’s Winds of Change II is the professional equivalent of a treasured diary or journal. It chronicles the important wind band events, personalities, and performances of the past ten years.”

Thomas Duffy, Director of Bands, Yale University

“…a lexicon of useful data gleaned with the curiosity of a historian as well as thought provoking insights, opinions, and suggestions only possible through the lens of his artistry.”

 Michael Haithcock, Director of Bands, University of Michigan

“No one has documented the growth of the modern wind band better than Frank Battisti, …I urge everyone who has even a passing interest in the wind band medium to read this book.”

Jerry Junkin, Director of Bands, University of Texas, Austin

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